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Storybooks for Children

~ 2016-Current ~ 

Auggies Adventures With Bunny

-Coming Home for Christmas

Experience a young boys journey into the woods to cut a Christmas tree when he becomes lost in a blizzard. Discover who helps he and his dog 'Tuna' fine their way out of this dangerous storm. Christmas is not just for kids

Auggies Adventures With Bunny

- And the Humpback Whale

Auggie and Bunny face danger out in the ocean when a wave knocks Auggie, Bunny and Papa out of the sailboat into shark infested waters. Auggie experiences great sea creatures coming to his rescue. Auggie’s uncle Nacho and his Para rescue buddy’s rescues Papa and his daddy.

Auggies Adventures With Bunny

-Adventures on the Moon

Auggie's adventure on the moon begins with his daddy building a spaceship, with NASA’s help. Auggie, Bunny, Daddy and Papa have been asked to take caterpillars with them to see if they can live on the moon. Auggie discovers that trees live on the moon and his friend Mason Tree saves his daddy when he falls into a crater. 

Auggies Adventures With Bunny

-The Dark Forest

Who is the Storyteller? The Storyteller is both you and I. The Storyteller comes in all sizes and shapes; they are grandparents, uncles, aunts, and they are dads and moms. It's not just the story; Storyteller loves you and that is why stories are told. 

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